The Original Lopiez T-Shirt

Similar to the 'all seeing eye' of the ancient egyptians, we have the 'all seeing pie' of Lopiez.  Lopiez was given its name by simply combining the owners last names, Lopez, with pizza pie...Lopiez.  The 'all seeing pie' logo was created to keep constant look out against the eternal Lopez curse, which is actually the legal name of Lopiez...The Lopez Curse LLC.  As long as it is being worn by someone at all times, the Lopez brothers and Lopiez will always be protected.

It's crafted from Bella Canvas's finest 100% cotton and although the eye never sleeps, you'll sleep like a baby in this fine, plush garment.  

"The National" lead singer, Matthew Berringer rocking Lopiez on tour.

The Infamous Slices Not Isis T-Shirt

We knew we had a winner right away with this design, but when "The National" lead singer, Matthew Berninger, sported the Lopiez Slices Not ISIS T-Shirt online, it took it to a whole new level.

Whether your famous or not, wear this t-shirt and we'll make you famous.  It's crafted from Bella Canvas's finest 100% cotton and although the messaging is bold, the feel on your skin is pure ecstasy.  

Meth and Goats - #QCThrowback T-Shirt

From 1999 until 2014 there was a band from the QC called Meth and Goats.  They were a genre-defying post punk band knwon for their high energy live shows.  They were heavy enough for the punk and metal kids, but wierd and noisy enough for the indie kids as well.  They toured many times across the country and realeased 2 full length albums and two split seven inches.  Meth and Goats were Dennis Hockaday on guitar, Talbot Borders on bass, Jon Burns on vocals, Ray Malone on drums, formerly Nick Kelley on drums. (10% of the proceeds from the sales of these newly designed shirts will be donated to the Rose Malone Education Fund!).


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